Camaro Crashes, Reduced to SMITHEREENS in $10K Race Mishap!


A heated Facebook argument between two renowned racers, Honey Badger from Oklahoma and Da Boogeyman out of Colorado, led to a $10,000 grudge race that pushed through at the No Prep Mayhem event at the Kansas International Dragway in Wichita.

It was Carl Scott in the Honey Badger Nova going head-to-head with David Hildebrand in the Boogeyman Pro Mod-style, Big Tire Camaro. They were the first pair to go down the track, which is not a good thing at a no prep race because no one knows the condition of the track.

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During the grudge race, Hildebrand got loose close to the top end, crossed the center line in front of Scott and steered back to his own lane then struck the steel guardrail at high speed. The force of the impact made the guardrail crumple like a sheet of paper and sent the car barrel-rolling into the field. Apparently, the Camaro suffered a leak from its air shifter bottle.

We are just relieved that Hildebrand walked away unscathed after the brutal tumble. He endured one of the most catastrophic weekends a racer could ever think of – the type which can easily bring an illustrious racing career to an abrupt and unfortunate end. Watch the video and see exactly how things unfolded.

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