STORY About Tom Nelson’s PROJECT MAXIMUS – 2000HP 1968 Dodge Charger!


Today we are going to show you something really extraordinary, a 1968 Dodge Charger, project of Tom Nelson from Nelson Racing Engines who had built one mind-blowing 2000HP Charger that will rock your world. Equipped with an alloyed 572 Hemi engine, with Twin Turbo charger, something on which Tom Nelson and his crew had been working for many years, perfecting it, with many new custom made additions, so that one can drive it anywhere he wants. It is one slick machine that you are really going to like it.

This fabulous and appealing beast, the 1968 Dodge Charger that generates astonishing 2 000 HP is a perfect example of how can a skilful mechanic and a man with unlimited vision create a muscle car monster that is apart from many of the other custom built muscle cars, including other Chargers. And thanks to the NRE TV, now we can all get into every detail on Tom Nelson`s project Maximus. Enjoy it.

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